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Eugene, OR
I write fanfic and am working on some original and nonfiction projects. My most active current fandoms are Check, Please! and Merlin, but I've written in the X-Files, Stargate SG-1, Doctor Who/Torchwood and Castle fandoms.

I'm very active in writing about LGBTQA issues, progressive politics and systems of pervasive bias around racism, sexism and disability. I have a special interest in working with parents and kids around gender identity and sexual orientation issues.

I am nonbinary and comfortable with either she/her or they/them pronouns (I genuinely do not care which people use for me. Misgender my kid and we'll have a conversation.)

I am neurodivergent, and don't always read social cues well, especially if I'm tired. Socializing is work for me, but I'm friendly. I have multiple syndromes which cause chronic fatigue issues, so don't be surprised if I duck out of things early.